The One True Hope of a New (Year's) Day

To be honest 2011 wasn't my favorite year. Although, yes, there were some very good moments: we went to Boston (Frederick and I braved public transit to visit Harvard while Marc was working), a few friends visited us here in Vegas (love quality time with friends) and most importantly Frederick turned one.

As December started to close and a new year was upon us I started thinking about what really mattered in life and where I wanted to be in 2012. I was thinking what many of us think: "Oh I can't wait until the 1st, it will be so nice to start over and have a clean start." Then I really thought about it and realized umm, NO. No no. Nothing is going to change drastically but the year in which we mark time. What a lie! 

I feel like New Years is false advertising. We think that a dawn of a new day and year will make everything sparkly clean and new. When really nothing really changes but the date. You're still the same person you were 10...9...8! seconds ago with the same problems, hopes and dreams. It's like thinking if you move to a new place your problems won't follow you there...

The only momentous event that changed my life was when I allowed God to bring me back to Him and surrendered my whole life over to Him. All my hopes, all of my hurts, and my present life, as well as my future. Truly our only hope is in Jesus and the life He can live through us as we have relationship with him. 

As any relationship it's a process. There are times when we feel really close and others when I let things (always very stupid mundane things) get between me and Him. But always, ALWAYS, does he draw me closer and remind me that without Him life means nothing, I am nothing without Him. Following Jesus doesn't mean that life will be perfect, but it does mean that you have a hope for the future and a trust in God that you belong to Him. And THAT my friends is a reason for living. 

When you find yourself in February or even today maybe, the 3rd, not able to keep your New Year's Resolutions; I ask that you ponder the meaning of YOUR life and seek Truth. I promise that if you really seek you will find what you are looking for. Seek Him you won't be disappointed.

This year I hope to trust more in Jesus and to love Him more to be obedient. It really is the only way! I'd rather have Jesus and do something uncomfortable than to be comfortable and be miserable in my own doing. He knows what is best for me (and all of us) and life in His will is the best to live. I'm just a very minuscule part to his story anyway, and it's not about me! It's about His Glory! 

Cheers to Twenty Twelve and may we all find what we seek.  

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