Sparkling Promises

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when Marc and I were in college, Marc invited me to a party. His good friend was having a birthday so away I went with some of my roommates. I was excited to go, I was interested in meeting more of Marc's friends and knew this would be an event to remember. So, I got dressed up in my newest cute outfit and fixed my french pedicure. My roommates thought I was being silly "Mary Lou!" they said, "No one is going to notice your toes!" Little did they know, but this was not going to be their average fĂȘte. We arrived later that night and what do you know, one of the first things one of Marc's friends said to me upon arrival was: "Oh you're Mary Lou! Nice pedicure, Marc has good taste"!

So, as the evening progressed and there was many a laugh, Marc and I started talking. I did not know Marc very well and we had not yet started dating. Marc leaned in, and I wasn't sure what he was doing.  Is he looking at my hair? Is he trying to kiss me?! "Are your earrings real?" Oh, he wants to talk jewelry! "No, if you must know, they are not" I said. He replied surprisingly, "well if we ever become more than friends, I am going to buy you a real pair of diamond earrings". And THAT Ladies and Gentlemen is something I have held him to. What does that even mean and who says things like that? More than friends, meaning we are exclusively dating? More than friends, I'm taking you home to meet my mom? More than friends, I want you to marry me? 

Marc and I have been together since he stole my heart a little while after this proclamation for seven years. To be fair he has bought me a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, a small pretty diamond band (as a sweet we've been dating a year ring), a lovely double strand of pearls and many more exquisite gifts since we've been "more than friends". (What can I say I'm a spoiled girl.) 

So, it was to my surprise on my 27th birthday, about two months after I labored three days (yes! 3! more on that later) and gave birth to our son Frederick that I found these waiting for me!     


  1. I love blogs! I look forward to learning more about you!

  2. full circle :). i love it. i miss you all and look forward to more stories. i can personally vouch that this sounds exactly like the marc i knew in college, too. :) God bless you guys!