Last night while Marc and I were trying to recover from colds we watched Inception. It was such a great movie! Although, I think both of us had a hard time sleeping later... I vaguely remember trying to save Marc from his "kick" last night. The movie reminded me of all of my thoughts about dreams.

Do you ever see people so clearly in your dreams and yet you know that you have never seen them before?  Who are these people? I often wonder if I'll one day see the person in real life. If so would I recognize them from my dream or just feel like I couldn't place where I know them from? As I consider this now I'm trying to think and recall a face so clear to me in a dream and I just can't grasp one. So, I maybe I wouldn't recognize them. Or maybe not, maybe if I saw someone it might suddenly all come back at once. But wouldn't that be weird? I'm imagining myself now yelling "Oh my gosh! You were totally in my dream last night!" to a total stranger. How awkward would that be? Then again, you know that you would have to talk to that person and find out who they were and why they were in your dream.

I have a few reoccurring dreams that I should really start writing down. I'm sure it would be helpful if I can figure out why I keep having the dreams. One of the dreams I'm always driving to Aspen and the road is always so terrifyingly tight. Sometimes it's different seasons so I never know if it will be snowing. The road is sometimes different too and I'll be struggling to drive and will be getting increasingly frustrated and think "Why is this so hard! Oh I must be driving to Aspen!" Maybe I dream about this because have you ever driven to Aspen? The road IS actually terrifying.  I drove there once when I was 17 and I guess my sub-conscience has never forgotten.

It's OK sub-conscience! I made it to Aspen just fine you can stop warning me!

I'll leave you with two pictures of my favorite little dreamer:

He was 5 days old here!

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  1. driving to Aspen when we were 17 WAS terrifying! how were we even allowed to do that? i suppose having no sense of mortality helped a lot. when you have no idea of what could go wrong you do a lot of things i guess ;). crazy times in aspen! we should do another matching halter top picture just for nostalgia. love you!