I think we'd be friends! (You know if I had tons of wealth and power.)

I am so exited about the Royal Wedding I am wating in anticipation! I'm thinking I'll have a wedding vewing party. I was so intrigued and watched with delight as Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. I just loved her dress that she wore to announce their engagement. Did you notice that she chose a dress to match her ring? How endearing that Prince William gave her his mother's ring.

I just love sapphires. I think it's because it's my birthstone, but it helps that the stone is so beautiful. I'm fortunate to have been born two weeks early in September and not in October and be bestowed with the not so pretty opal. But I digress... back to Kate and her choice to match her ring to her very lovely dress. It reminded me of my first anniversary of marriage to Marc in 2007. He supprised me with a very lovely saphire and diamond ring. Well it was supposed to be a surprise, but I accidently opened it with my friend Sarah. What can I say, I can not resist opening packagages upon arrival! He chose a saphire for me because 1) as stated before it's my birthstone, 2) we also were married in Setember and 3) before we were engaged I saw the prettiest saphire engagement ring and I thought I really wanted it for my ring. I talked about it a lot and went back and forth with the pros and cons of having a saphire ring instead of a traditional diamond ring (one of the pro's being that Princess Diana's engagement ring was a saphire. Didn't we just love her?). I guess I talked about it so much that he remembered that I loved the stone and already had a setting that would be perfect to suprise me with. It turned out to be the completion of a set that he already gave me. A diamond band as a one year seriously dating ring (wow now that I think about it Marc gives me a lot of jewelry).

So when I saw Kate and her ring I was so thrilled! ring_2_1763579a.jpg

Don't they look so happy! I pray that the Lord will bless their marriage and that they will be truly happy indeed.

I just love her dress and the color! Navy blue and grey are my two favorite colors to wear. She looks so chic in her navy blue Isabel Issa dress. Also, when I saw them I said "Oh! They are just like Marc and I!" (You know except royal and a little older.)

Exhibit A:

This was taken on our first anniversary at the Air Force 60th anniversary ball. Here Marc is wearing his dress blues Air Force uniform, which I'm sure Prince William will wear for the wedding as well as he is in the Royal Air Force. My dress is also more royal blue than navy but the point is that it matched my ring which I fondly call the puddle versus Kate's/ Diana's lake. 
Since we clearly have the same taste in men and clothes. I have a suggestion for her wedding dress. She looked so lovely with the v-neck dress, I think the same silhouette would suite her. 

Exhibit B: 

And of course her train will be much longer than my cathedral length veil and train! 
I can hardly stand it! So, who wants to come to the Watch the Royal Wedding Party?!   

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